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May 13, 2023

pick me

The Dangers of ‘Pick Me’ Culture: Exploring the Connection Between Anti-Feminism & Internalized Misogyny

The “pick me” culture, where some women strive for male validation by denigrating other women and rejecting feminist principles, perpetuates gender-based discrimination and inequality. This phenomenon is fueled by societal messages that suggest women are inferior to men. To combat this, we need to promote education and awareness-raising, create safe spaces for women, and encourage men to become allies in the fight for gender equality.

Body count, sexual history

Why Asking Women About Their ‘Body Count’ is Disgusting and Needs to Stop

The concept of “body count” is often discussed in popular culture, particularly regarding men. However, this idea that women’s sexual histories are fair game for discussion is not only unfair but completely disgusting. It implies that a woman’s worth is tied to her sexual history, which is unfair and untrue. Additionally, asking about a woman’s “body count” can be damaging to her self-esteem and mental health. We must work to break down these sexist and misogynistic attitudes and treat women with the respect and dignity they deserve.


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